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My passion lies in Servant Leadership, the art of creation, and finding elegant solutions to complex problems. I take joy in mentoring and growing people and see the use of AI as a significant calling, aiming to ensure all of humanity share its benefits. I aim to weave technology, architecture, and servant leadership, showcasing a compassionate view of technology.

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My Story

Schwartz, a Jacksonville, Florida native, is a seasoned professional in the software industry with over 30 years of experience. Currently, he serves as the Chief Enterprise Architect at AMCS Group, a global leader providing Enterprise Management software solutions to the waste and recycling industry.


Schwartz kicked off his career with his first private enterprise, Locatha Industries, Inc., 1988, developing productivity and entertainment software for Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). He navigated the technological shift to the Internet in 1995 by founding Quest Interactive, Inc., a successful information interchange management company. Simultaneously, he established a local post-editing graphics company, Digital Graphics, Inc., at the Florida Production Center in Jacksonville, FL.


After selling both ventures, Schwartz served as the Director of Business Systems Development and part-owner of Infinite Software, Inc. His ingenious procurement and billing solution, Adept, proved instrumental in transforming Infinite Energy, Inc., from an $80M/year company into a $500M/year enterprise in under 26 months.


His work at Baywood Technologies and subsequent positions at AMCS Group allowed him to exercise his strengths in technical leadership, business acumen, and strategic thinking. His multiple roles have encompassed various responsibilities, including leading teams, mapping out visions, working with stakeholders, and mentoring and coaching product managers and development teams.


In addition, Schwartz collaborates with the acquisition team to assess potential business acquisitions, oversees the execution of integration strategies post-acquisition, and partners with technology leaders to improve development methodologies and tools constantly. He is adept in New Business Development, Business Acumen, Strategic Thinking, Agile Methodologies, Software Development, Cloud Security, Cloud Applications, and Cloud Development, with proficiency in Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


An enthusiastic advocate for education, Schwartz returned to academia in 2016. He graduated Salutatorian from Full Sail University in 2018 and went on to receive his master's degree in science, graduating as Valedictorian in 2020. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Computer Science at Northcentral University.


Schwartz's personal interests mirror his professional ethos – a blend of technology, leadership, and architecture. His passion for servant leadership, coupled with his love for creativity and problem-solving, drives his vision for compassionate technology. The thoughtful use of AI in today's world has become a calling for him, and he strives to ensure that technological advancements benefit humanity.


You can learn more about Schwartz's professional journey and connect with him on his LinkedIn profile.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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